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Okay everyone when bioware bring out the server change if the server doesn't pick up we are thinking about moving the guild to another server with more people so we can make the guild bigger and better please comment on the fourm and say what you think we should try/doo.. Thank's


We Have A Voice system Up And Running If You Would Like To Join Us On The Chat System Please Look In The Forums In Members Area Under Mumble Thanks.        Anthem.

Welcome to Anthem Guild Web Site.

Who are we. What are we about

Anthum is a guild that wants people of all different classes of the old republic, ATM we are only running PvP and HM flashpoint’s as we are lacking in lvl 50s and tank;s we are expected to be running raids by 20th may.

Lately we’ve been doing a lot of work on helping people in the guild to reach lvl 50 almost everyone now in the guild has successfully hot 50, also we have been busy recruiting and have almost hit the mark 100! :)

As for other things like PvP, socialize etc. we do this a lot awell in. In the guild chat we love a good banter just don’t take it to far


At the moment we have a skilled PvP group up and running for more info on the PvP please dont hesitate to ask ingame or on the website about joing us in PvP to kick the imp's ****

Anthem Team.


HM Flashpoint's

We have 1 team doing the HM Flashpoint's Running the HM is Fereshteh for more info or if your wanting to take part in the HM contact Fereshteh. We are doing the HM's everyday gear up and getting stronger for when we take on the raids! :)

Anthum Team.
Guild News

Thing's Two do

'DiddyDon', Apr 30, 12 5:54 PM.
We are Doing PvP everyday main people to see for group PvP Nalshan, Diddydon, Phean, Innomine

                       TAKEING DOWN WORLD BOSS!!
Want to join in taking down world bosses every friday come online between 8pm - 9pm (GMT) and join in the fun!!
                              Raids + Hm Flashpoints
Raids and HM flashpoint Coming reel soon.
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